Carole Baudin, a resident researcher at Iméra, José Rose, a member of the Atelier Travail et Libertés (Artlib), and Enrico Donaggio, the scientific director of Iméra, will participate on Tuesday, July 16, at the Festival d’Avignon, in a day of performances and debates dedicated to the role theater grants to subjects related to the world of work. Iméra is co-organizing this event with the Center for Artistic and Cultural Research and Innovation in the World of Work “Work and Cultures” and the artists’ cooperative Motra. Three performances are scheduled: two plays and one choreography. The aim is to discuss the diverse issues of contemporary work through live performances.

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Enrico Donaggio, the scientific director of Iméra, will participate as an expert in the debate “The Best of Work Worlds?” The conditions under which work is performed in our societies are often constrained by a social framework—employment—that tends to restrict its real scope (and its meaning for individuals) and to produce an approach confined within the notion of a job. The boundary between the concepts of work and employment thus seems to blur, merging them into a single idea. Under these conditions, in a near and dystopian future, employment could become just another commodity with little social value. How can theater shape and reflect these issues?
Other participants in this debate will be Antoine Lemaire, author and director, and Fiore D’ascoli, a member of the Culture Commission of Cmcas de Marseille.

Anthropologist Carole Baudin, a resident researcher at Iméra, will speak on the theme “In the Intimacy of Work Gestures”. Whether in a factory or an office, on an assembly line or in front of a computer, we all engage in gestures that involve our bodies. This obvious embodiment in daily work is seldom addressed by live performances, which, nonetheless, require the mobilization of the body to create. When dance meets daily work, it extends and interprets professional gestures to explore their sensitive and collective, but also personal and intimate, dimensions.

If you wish to purchase tickets or reserve your place for this event, you can call 09 52 42 66 72 or click here.