As part of its advisory mission, the Iméra Foundation Scientific Council, which meets once a year:

  • Propose to the Management Board an independent and external evaluation of the Foundation’s activities during the previous year
  • Evaluate the Foundation’s scientific projects for the coming years before proposing them to the Management Board
  • Monitoring the links between research activities and their dissemination to doctoral students
  • Make proposals on possible new scientific axes and partnerships.

The Scientific Council is composed of 9 members:

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Livio de Luca

CNRS Research Director, Director of the Models and Simulations Laboratory for Architecture and Heritage (MAP) in Marseille / Architecture, digitization of heritage


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Michèle Gendreau-Massaloux

Former Rector, Honorary State Councillor, Vice-President of the Interacademic Development Group, responsible for institutional relations

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Cyril Isnart

CNRS Research Scientist and Director of the Institute of Mediterranean, European and Comparative Ethnology (IDEMEC) in Aix-en-Provence / Anthropology

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Michel Lallement

Professor of the Chair of Sociological Analysis of Work, Employment and Organizations of the Cnam in Paris / Sociology

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Nicola Mai

Professor of Criminology at the University of Leicester / Cinema, ethnography and sociology

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Catherine Massip

General Curator and Director of Studies EHESS, Paris / History of Music and Musicology

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Guillaume Masson

CNRS Research Director, Director of the Institut de Neurosciences de la Timone in Marseille (INT)/ Neurosciences

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Franco Miglietta

Research Director at the Institute of Biometeorology (CNR Italy) and Scientific Director of FoxLab (CNR Italy and Fondazione E.Mach in San Michele) / Physics

© Bertrand Paris-Romaskevich CC BY-SA

Olga Paris-Romaskevich

CNRS Research Scientist at the Marseille Institute of Mathematics (I2M)/ Mathematics