Credit: L’L Recherche

Eric Arnal-Burtschy

Disciplines: Digital artVisual arts
Title and home institution: Artist – BC Pertendo
Category of Fellowship: Research residency
Residency length: September 2019 – February 2020

Research project 

Genesis, an introduction – project in collaboration with IRPHE – Institut de recherche sur les phénomènes hors équilibre (AMU/CNRS/Centrale Marseille)

Summary of the research project 

The goal would be both artistic and scientific. This residency would be based both on the work ‘Genesis, an introduction’, a vortex of 12 meters high previously developed in collaboration with the IRPHE and on new research with the creation of dedicated works. On the scientific level, ‘Genesis, an introduction’ is a work that can also be considered as a device for experimenting in fluid mechanics with the rotation of a mass of water forming a parabolic free-surface tourbillon. This surface is of great interest for geophysical research because it is at the origin of the zonal jets, equivalent to the bands of Jupiter. The gigantism of the dimensions of ‘Genesis, an introduction’ could make it possible to reach conditions that have never been reached experimentally in the laboratory: a factor of 10 could be gained on the expected effects. Within the framework of this collaboration, the Genesis project, an introduction would be presented in Marseille which would make it possible to carry out these measures, to consider the creation of other works related to this structure through the research conducted during this residency and to welcome spectators by highlighting the art-science dimension of this project. On the artistic level, this residency in contact with the IRPHE researchers would also allow me to develop my theoretical and experimental knowledge of fluid environments and their instabilities, a field that seems particularly interesting in its conceptual richness and artistic potential. A residency at the Iméra will thus lay a solid foundation for a number of concepts and experiments that will be used directly or indirectly in a large number of new arts-science projects in collaboration with the IRPHE.


Eric Arnal-Burtschy studied history, philosophy and geopolitics and obtained a master’s degree in European studies before moving on to the living and visual arts. His work, often focused on research on the physics of the Universe and a questioning of the human, is presented in many places in Europe and abroad. He has created with Lyllie Rouvière Bouncing Universe in a Bulk, diptych on the Universe and infinity, and Ciguë, a solo with Clara Furey on the relationship to freedom and solitude. His latest creation, Deep are the Woods, is an evocation of emptiness in the form of an immersive piece whose light is the performer. Eager to explore another form of relationship to the world and always interested in diplomatic and strategic issues, he is a parallel reserve officer in the French army and participated in Operation Barkhane in the Sahel. This experience led to the creation of his latest show, Why We Fight, a performance that sensitively and politically questions what can lead each of us to engage and why we fight. He received the prestigious Vocation Award from the Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet Foundation. Artist in residence at WorkSpaceBrussels Artist in residence at the Vanves Theatre.

Appels à candidature

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