Anna Raimondo

Disciplines: Sound artStudy of genderUrban geography
Title and home institution: Artist
Category of Fellowship: Research residency
Residency length: September 2020 – February 2021

Research project

New Kinds of Listening: Voices, Bodies and Territories – New Frontiers of Vaginal Ecosystem Wellness

Summary of the research project

The proposal for the Iméra in Marseille comes from the “New frontiers of the well-being of the vaginal ecosystem”, an itinerant artistic project.  This is related to a theoretical research that I carry out as part of a PhD with the ARBA and the Free University in Brussels and it is focused on the impact of listening to explore and defend an intersectional and decolonial feminist approach in the field of geography urban. It is anchored in the cities I have visited and is based on participatory work.  Through the sound system, linked to orality and the creation of new spaces of imagination, this project aims to be a platform for reflection and artistic proposals, in order to redefine and make visible the place of women in the public space. For Imera and Mucem, this research would focus on the territory of Marseille.  What are the common and divergent views on Marseille told by its cis and trans citizens? How do citizens activate strategies to reclaim public space? How can rytmoanalysis, proposed by Henri Lefebvre to identify the common rhythms of the Mediterranean, be adapted to the specific rhythms of its citizens in the city and what could this reveal? How to formalise in a plastic way a search based on voice, soundscape and rhythm?  These questions question the relationship between urban planning and social behaviour from a gendered perspective in Marseille.  A space for coexistence between different religions and cultures, this city is an ideal place to explore the impact of Mediterranean cultures and their intermingling in the daily life of its citizens. This context would feed an important reflection on inclusion policies in the public space.


After the Master in Sound Arts at the UAL in London in 2012, she followed a PhD between the ARBA and the ULB University in Brussels. She has participated in solo exhibitions such as “Seremos serias de la manera más alegre” at the Caso-CNB Art Centre, Buenos Aires (ARG); “Nuevas fronteras del bienestar del ecosistema vaginal #4” at the TEA Museum, Tenerife (ES); “Nuove frontiere del benessere dell’ecosistema vaginale #1” at the Ex-Elettrofonica Gallery, Rome (IT); “We would be serious in the happiest way” at the Cube – Indipendent Art Room, Rabat (MA); “Come un mare fuor d’acqua” as part of the Biennale des Jeunes Créateurs d’Europe et de la Méditerranée, Tirana (AL); etc. She also participated in the 13th Biennale de Dakar in 2018 (SN); the 5th Biennale de Marrakech in 2014 (MA); the Dubai Design Week in 2017; “Africa is not an island” at the MACAAL Museum in Marrakech in 2017 (MA), etc. As a curator, she worked for documenta 14- Radio Program. It was awarded, among others, with the prize of the City of Brussels Media Prize in 2018 and with the Palma Ars Acustica in 2016.

Appels à candidature

Les résidences de recherche que propose l’Iméra, Institut d’études avancées (IEA) d’Aix-Marseille Université, s’adressent aux chercheurs confirmés – académiques, scientifiques et/ou artistes. Ces résidences de recherche sont distribuées sur quatre programmes (« Arts & sciences : savoirs indisciplinés », « Explorations interdisciplinaires », « Méditerranée » et « Utopies nécessaires »).