(Closed-door event)

fond du biscuit est rouge cartelli

On June 20 and 21, Philip Cartelli, an artist in residence at Iméra, will organize and participate in an event related to his ongoing film. On June 20, he will present a performance titled “The Essence of the Biscuit is Red” featuring images from his film, which tells the story of a group of American anarchists who allegedly managed to steal Leon Trotsky’s ashes from his former residence in Mexico in 2009. These audacious anarchists then took a provocative step by incorporating Trotsky’s ashes into cookies, which they sent to leftist political organizations worldwide, accompanied by a note detailing their bold act. Philip Cartelli seeks to understand the political significance of this act. Furthermore, he explores the nature of truth in politics and cinema.

On June 21, he will present his work alongside philosopher Stefanie Baumann in the final session of the Radicality seminar, organized by Enrico Donaggio at Iméra in spring 2024. This final session is titled “The Ends of Radicality.”