Meeting #3 December 12, 2017

With Carla Makhlouf, epidemiologist and health anthropologist (American University of Beirut, resident of Imera) and Dominique Maraninchi, professor of medicine, oncologist (AMU, President of Imera)

Faithful to the Hippocratic oath, it is above all for the doctor to treat. But health systems have become complex and pharmaceutical industries increasingly powerful…
What is the place of the patient and the human in such systems? Can we imagine new forms of care, for example outside institutions and hospitals?
A health democracy, which restores all its place to the exchange and the expectations of the patient and the various actors concerned, as experimented for example today by Dominique Maraninchi at the Paoli-Calmettes Institute, can it develop in the ‘coming ?
What about the future of health systems in the countries of the South, and particularly in the Arab countries of the Mediterranean?
Carla Makhlouf, from the double perspective of anthropologist and epidemiologist, opens up new perspectives to better understand the major health challenges for today and tomorrow.

Video is in French.

Tomorrow’s Rendez-Vous: “What health for tomorrow?”