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Enrico Donaggio

Disciplines: Philosophy
Title and home institution: University Professor, University of Turin -Department of Philosophy and Educational Sciences
Category of Fellowship: Multiannual residency
Residency length: March – July 2019

Research project 

ArTLib – Work and Freedom Research Workshop

Summary of the research project 

Senior Fellows are recruited on a project basis from former Iméra residents for 3-year residencies. *

From March 2019 until the summer of 2021, the Iméra will be the place of activity of the Atelier de recherche Travail et Libertés (ArTLib).

It is an interdisciplinary and international group consisting of two components: one permanent, made up of university and non-university specialists from the Aix-Marseille site and a second open to external speakers, off-site and especially to foreign academics and intellectuals.

The group – coordinated by Enrico Donaggio (Professor at the University of Turin, resident Iméra in 2017-2018, and Senior Fellow of Iméra , 2019-2021) – will aim to discuss, articulate and disseminate ideas in an innovative way, discourses and practices related to the profound transformations generated by contemporary work in the sphere of personal and collective freedoms of individuals.

This project, which takes place in an interdisciplinary, critical and plural framework, is in the problematic field defined by the following questions:

What consequences in terms of freedoms – individual and collective – are producing the revolutions that are today upsetting the constellation of meanings, ideas, expectations and practices inherent in the typically human experience that we call work?
How is it possible to interpret and organize work, not only as a source of dramatic and invasive social pathologies, but also as an essential opportunity for freedoms?
What kind of representations and practices oriented towards emancipation – at the micro level: personal mythologies, stories and lifestyles; at the intermediate level: forms and practices of alternative organization of work; at the macro level: great narrations, diagnostics of the present – may still have as protagonist, principal or marginal, the individual in relation to his work and in search of his freedoms?

ArTLib is currently composed of:

Carmen Alvarez, (Director of Studies, Ergology, Acante)

Blaise Barbance (Human Resources, Associate Professor AMU and Vice-President of APSE)

Elisabeth Brun (AMU Associate Lecturer/LaSSA Instructor/Researcher)

Mariagrazia Cairo Crocco (Lecturer, Philosopher, CNRS Centre Granger, AMU)

Anne-Marie Daune-Richard (Lecturer, Sociologist, CNRS LEST, AMU)

Fréderic Descosses, (Researcher, Anthropologue, CNRS LEST, AMU)

Luc Joulé (Filmmaker, IPDT, Images de Ville)

Christophe Massot (Researcher, Clinician of work, consultant in work analysis)

Frédéric Séchaud (Research Fellow, Trade Unionist, CEREQ)

José Rose (Professor, Economist, CNRS LEST, AMU)

In addition to its permanent research activity at the Aix-Marseille site Each year, ArTLib (in collaboration with centres of excellence such as LEST, CEREQ, Centre Norbert Elias, Centre Gilles Gaston Granger, IPDT Paris, Acante, LASSA, APSE, experts and independent artists linked to the world of work) organises:

A series of public conferences and seminars – between March and May – with international speakers.

A Summer School – at the beginning of July – which is conceived as a pilot experience of a place of training and innovative critical reflection, anchored in the reality and history of Marseille and its region.

*Who are the Senior Fellows?

Since February 2019, Iméra has been experimenting with a new form of residence. In order to strengthen the local impact of the residencies in research fields with high potential for innovation and strong interdisciplinary content, the Iméra hosts multi-year individual residencies, led by Senior Fellows. Senior Fellows are recruited on a project basis from former Iméra residents. The projects must not only cover strategic themes as indicated above but also explicitly involve researchers from the Aix-Marseille site, and in particular from Aix-Marseille University. In doing so, the Iméra reinforces its function of incubating innovative interdisciplinary research projects, and gives its UBIAS (University-Based Institute for Advanced Study) character concrete constructive content.

The Senior Fellows residencies are for a period of 3 years at a rate of 5 months per year. Recruitment takes place according to the means available at the Institute and the scientific priorities identified by the college of program directors and the director of Iméra.


Laurea in Philosophy at the University of Milan in 1992. Dea in Philosophy at the University of Besançon in 1994. Doctorate in Philosophy at the University of Turin in 1997. Post doc scholarship in Berlin from the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation in 1998. Ater in Philosophy at the University of Urbino in 1999. Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Turin in 1999. Professor of Philosophy at the University of Turin in 2011, where I teach (Bachelor, Master, PhD): Philosophy of history, Classics of philosophy, Moral philosophy. Iméra resident from February 19 – July 13, 2018.

Appels à candidature

Les résidences de recherche que propose l’Iméra, Institut d’études avancées (IEA) d’Aix-Marseille Université, s’adressent aux chercheurs confirmés – académiques, scientifiques et/ou artistes. Ces résidences de recherche sont distribuées sur quatre programmes (« Arts & sciences : savoirs indisciplinés », « Explorations interdisciplinaires », « Méditerranée » et « Utopies nécessaires »).