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Andrew Dobson

Disciplines: EcologyMathematicsMedecine
Title and home institution: Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
Category of Fellowship: Co-holder of the Iméra/IRD Chair in Sustainable Development
Residency length: September – October 2019

Research project 

Land Use Change, Infectious Disease and Poverty

Summary of the research project 

My project essentially aims at developping collaborations in Marseilles working on a set of scientific papers that examine the interactions between land-use change, infectious diseases and poverty. The work is interdisciplinary and I hope to interact with economists and epidemiologists from Marseilles and also with my principle collaborator, Professor Mercedes Pascual from the University of Chicago who is also applying for a Chair at IRD and Iméra. Over the last five years I have been involved in a set of collaborations that stem from a set of working groups I organized at NCEAS at UC Santa Barbara and SYSENC at Annapolis, Maryland; these projects allowed us to develop initial frameworks for examining the interaction between poverty, disease and the rural poor. I would now like to take the core of some of the models developed there and blend it with some earlier models I developed for land-use change.


Undergraduate at Imperial College, London University, Phd from Oxford University in 1992. Post Doctoral researcher at Imperial College and then NATO post Doc at Princeton University. Hired as Assistant Professor at University of Rochester, New York 1987. Hired as Assistant Professor Princeton University in January 1990, tenured 1996, Full Professor 1999. Director of Graduate Studies. External Faculty at Santa Fe Institute since 2011, Elected Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science 2011, Elected Fellow of Ecological Society of America 2016, A.D White Visiting Endowed Chair, Cornell University, 2016-2022.

Appels à candidature

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