Application and Residency Conditions

Program designed and coordinated by Gabriella Crocco, epistemologist, Professor at AMU.

The Interdisciplinary Explorations program focuses on all issues related to the theory and practice of interdisciplinarity in research and university teaching. The projects of the Iméra residents collaborating in this program can involve all disciplines and must have an interdisciplinary dimension.

Priority will be given to researchers who have produced innovative and original results in their own field, while developing a reflection on the theoretical debate and the research programs that structure it, and on how other disciplines can shed light on and guide it.

Intersectoral interdisciplinarities will be favored, namely the interactions between disciplines belonging to at least two of the following research domains:

  • exact sciences (mathematics, logic, and computer science)
  • natural sciences (physics, biology, chemistry…)
  • humanities and social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, history…)
  • health sciences (medicine, neuroscience, psychiatry…)
  • humanities (literature, arts, philosophy…)

The program is divided into three components. 1) Interdisciplinarity: the challenge of an unstable balance, 2) Interdisciplinarity laboratories: nomadic concepts and analysis of practices, 3) Cognitive perspectives: a complex dialogue. These three components are associated, for the current year, with three seminars: the Inter-Disciplines seminar, the Nomadic Concepts seminar: complexity and networks, the Mental Health seminar.

Projects that can be integrated into these research axes will be given priority.

Three residencies are attached to this program as follows:

Residency TitleDurationTypes of ApplicationsNumber of SpotsIméra Affiliated ProgramsKeywords
Carte blanche of the Interdisciplinary Explorations Program5 monthsAcademic1Interdisciplinary ExplorationsUnstable balance of interdisciplinarity; practices of interdisciplinarity; nomadic concepts; cognitive perspectives
Interdisciplinarity – IRD/Iméra Chair10 monthsAcademic1Interdisciplinary ExplorationsInterdisciplinary dialogue; concept of sustainability; United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); developing countries; overseas regions;
physical sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and health sciences.
Language, Communication, and Brain – ILCB/Iméra Chair10 monthsAcademic1Interdisciplinary ExplorationsLanguage pathologies and their treatment;
Mathematical modeling; neural and cognitive dynamics of language and conversation; origin of animal and human language.