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Geoarchaeology: Christophe Morhange organizes a summer school around Mont St-Michel and its region

A Multidisciplinary Summer School

For its third edition, the PSL-EPHE Geo-Bio-Archaeology Summer School in Dinard will take place from Monday, June 17 to Friday, June 21, 2024. Funded by the SHP (Historical Sciences Graduate Program) and SVT sections, as well as by the ARKAIA Institute of AMU, its objective is the multidisciplinary training of master’s and doctoral students under the co-direction of E. Feuten (DECU EPHE-SVT-MNHN) and Iméra resident Christophe Morhange (DECU EPHE-SHP-AMU), with the participation of B. Caline (geologist), C. Bizien (archaeologist, director of the Alet Regional Archaeology Center in Saint-Malo), A. Bouët (biologist specializing in citizen science at the Planète Mer association), A.-E. Marcel (historic monument restorer), and A. Colin (EPHE-Dinard-CGEL).

Educational Objectives

  • Introduction to Landscape Analysis: Understanding landscape analysis through a vertical zoning approach from the infra-littoral to the ad-littoral zone in a macrotidal context.
  • Long-term Coastal Forcings: Analyzing long-term coastal forcings (relative sea level mobility, sediment budget) and the mobility of coastal and estuarine shores based on various parameters (swell, tide…), particularly in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel.
  • Multidisciplinary Approach: Applying a multidisciplinary approach to analyze coastal and estuarine landscapes (geomorphology, marine biology, sedimentology, archaeology, art history, and landscape perception).
  • Impacts of Anthropization: Examining the impacts and stakes of anthropization in coastal contexts. Conducting diachronic analysis of risks and vulnerabilities, including coring at the foot of Mont Dol and attempting to interpret medieval coastal landscapes.

Information and Registration

For more information on Christophe Morhange’s research project at Iméra, visit his resident page here.