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Christophe Morhange organises a symposium on coastal heritage conservation in the face of climate change at the University of Venice.

Resident at Iméra from January to July 2024, Christophe Morhange is organizing on May 31st 2024 in Venice (Italy), in collaboration with EPHE, CEREGE, and the University of Venice, a research conference that will explore topics related to the conservation of coastal heritage sites in the face of global environmental changes.

The presentations will cover historical and future risks of storm surges in Venice, geoarchaeological perspectives for safeguarding the Venice Lagoon, the legacy of Roman lead pollution in the Mediterranean basin, vulnerabilities of archaeological sites in Cyprus, impacts of water dynamics on heritage sites in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, coastal archaeology and climate change in the Middle East, environmental threats to the Arwad reef, urbanization, flooding, and erosion in the Persian Gulf, concluding with Christophe Morhange‘s presentation on geoarchaeological perspectives on global changes in the Anthropocene.

Collectively, these topics highlight the need for interdisciplinary and adaptive strategies to protect and valorize coastal heritage in the face of global change.

To learn more about Christophe Morhange’s research project at Iméra, visit his resident page by clicking here!