In collaboration with the Association Andromède, Iméra is organizing a screening of five audiovisual works on the theme “Terra-Ocean. Between Local and Global : Inside of Environmental Сollisions” on Wednesday, June 26 at the Planetarium of the Observatory of Marseille, starting at 6:00 PM. This event is open to the public.

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Terra-Ocean. Between Local and Global : Inside of Environmental Сollisions

Wednesday, June 26, Planetarium Observatory of Marseille, 2 Place Leverrier 13004 Marseille at 6:00 PM. Entrance via Parc Longchamp, B-d Cassini / Allée Jean-Louis Pons

The project explores Marine Biodiversity in the context of the climate change. In order to choose a perspective not of cultural pessimism, but a desperate realism – perhaps in the spirit of Guattari’s ecosophy, Latour’s terrestrial coexistence, or Haraway’s question of how to live on a damaged Earth, project works to change the optics of established ways of viewing. How can immersive space and technologies help us to become more open and sensitive towards others and our environments that are affected by Anthropocene, climate change and ongoing military conflicts?

The project addresses immersion and the creation of immersive environments, sonification and translation of complex biochemical events into visual liquid elements as a research tool and an additional sensory argument, to push toward a meaningful change in anthropocentric optics and sustainable management of our vulnerable ecosystems. It brings together five audio-visual works: “The Ocean”, “Garden of Exoskeletons”, “Plankton” “Ecocide” and “Homage to Matisse” creating an immersive environment. Combining scientific data and philosophical approach, artistic work reflects the anthropogenic impact of humans on marine environments. Referring to the Gaia theory, by James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis, based on the theory of the Earth’s development by Ukrainian scientist Volodymyr Vernadsky, which is one of the foundations of ecology, and inspiring the Blue Humanities twist by Steve Mentz, the project is an invitation to shift to an ethical paradigm in favor of all the other living creatures, looking for symbiotic future with the prospects of a shared environment and blue humanities.Special thanks to Lionel Ruiz, Thierry Perez, Veronique Cornet, Karine Leblanc, Nicolas Garcia Seyda.

Produced with the collaboration of: Iméra, Andromede / Planetarium Observatoire de Marseille, IMBE, MIO.

  • Video 1 : « THE OCEAN », HD, 13 min., 2021
  • Video 2 : « Garden of ExosKeletons », 8 min., 2023
  • Video 3 : « PLANKTON », 8 min., 2024
  • Video 4 : « ECOCIDE » 9 min., 2023
  • Video 5 : « HOMAGE TO MATISSE » 8 min., 2022.

The organizer : Oksana Chepelyk is a leading researcher of the New Technologies Department, Modern Art Research Institute of Ukraine, author of book “The Interaction of Architectural Spaces, Contemporary Art and New Technologies” (2009) and curator of International Festival of Social Sculpture, Kyiv, currently researcher Artist Protection Fund Fellow (2023-2024) at Iméra of Aix-Marseille University supported by A*MIDEX and FIAS (2022-2023) financed by the European Commission in the frame of the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie Actions (COFUND Programme). 
Oksana studied art in Kyiv, followed a PhD course, Amsterdam University, Banff Centre, Canada, Bauhaus Dessau, Germany, Fulbright Research Program at UCLA, USA.