Conference #2 – April 11, 2019

“Libertarian work and concrete utopias”, with Michel Lallement (CNAM, Paris, sociologist, author of the Age of Doing Hacking, work, anarchy (2015) and co-author of Makers – Survey on the laboratories of social change (2018).

On the margins of the dominant economic system, utopians have for a long time been tinkering with alternative forms of work, the ambition of which is to emancipate those who practice them from dominations of all kinds. By conducting an anthropological dive at the heart of concrete social experiments of yesterday and today, in France and in the United States, it will be a question of painting the picture of what could be called a «libertarian work», to identify the promises including thisI would like to raise a few questions for our future, which it raises.

Video is in french

“Work and freedoms today” #2 with Michel Lallement: Libertarian work and concrete utopias