Conference #3 – March 18, 2021

Governing the Empire: Politics and Administration in the Early Times of Islam

With Arietta Papaconstantinou, Associate Professor at the University of Reading (England), specialist in the religious, social and economic history of the ancient and medieval Near East. She is notably the author of The Cult of Saints in Egypt from the Byzantines to the Abbasids: the contribution of Greek and Coptic inscriptions and papyri, CNRS, Paris, 2001.

Stretching from Central Asia to Spain in the 8th century, the Islamic empire ruled varied populations and absorbed ancient cultures that largely contributed to the formation of what is known as Islamic civilization. Thousands of documents written in Greek, Coptic and Arabic testify to the establishment of an imperial administration whose mechanisms respond to the concern to lead cosmopolitan, widely connected societies, thus creating a new ethic of management and administration. men.

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Seminar #3: Governing the empire: politics and administration in the early days of Islam