Conference #2 – February 12, 2021

With Jocelyne Dakhlia, historian, director of research at EHESS, is the author of Lingua franca. Histoire d’une langue métisse en Méditerranée, Actes Sud, 2008 and Noureddine Affaya, philosopher, professor at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities – Mohammed V University in Rabat. He is the author of «Vers une lingua franca visuelle en Méditerranée», in La Fabrique de Méditerranée, Arnaud Bizalion éditeur, 2020, pp. 133-140.

The question of the lingua franca, in the Mediterranean, in the long time of history, is at the center of Jocelyne Dakhlia’s reflection. Language of contact, exchange, intercession, has this lingua franca of yesterday transformed itself today into visual lingua franca? This is the hypothesis of Noureddine Affaya who will be in dialogue with Jocelyne Dakhlia.

The video is in French.

“Lifestyle in the Mediterranean” With Jocelyne Dakhlia & Noureddine Affaya