Inhabiting the World Differently? La Fabrique de Méditerranée, Volume 4

How should we live? Certainly not as before if we want to truly grasp the climate upheavals and transformations of our ecosystem. Each major region of the world is called upon to address these challenges in the years to come. The Mediterranean, as a developing bio-region, invites us to explore alternative paths for inhabiting the world.

This 4th volume of La Fabrique de Méditerranée aims to explore these paths, including:

  • Reconnecting with philosophy as a way of life through a reinterpretation of ancient philosophy (Mark Usher)
  • Rethinking our relationship with architecture (with a text by Franco la Cecla and two visual portfolios by architects Salima Naji and Corinne Vezzoni)
  • Questioning the legacy of the Bauhaus in the 21st century (Andrea Barnreüther and Thierry Fabre)
  • Reinventing the use of commons based on a pastoral experience in Morocco (Mohamed Tozy and Mohamed Mahdi)
  • Exploring the complex relationships between questions of inhabiting and mobility (Dionigi Albera and Yoann Morvan)
  • Shaping concrete utopias based on new spaces in Marseille (collective MARE) or the concrete projects of “artivists” (dear to Peter Limbrick)

Table of Contents:

  • A Vision of the Future, by Franco La Cecla
  • The Bauhaus: a Resource for Reimagining, Rethinking, and Redesigning the Future, by Andrea Barnreüther
  • Bauhaus-Méditerranée or the Fabrication of the 21st-century Mediterranean, by Thierry Fabre
  • Earthly Architecture: Anchoring or Re-anchoring Architecture, by Salima Naji – with a portfolio
  • Commons: Another Way of Inhabiting the World, by Mohamed Tozy
  • The Agdal: An Antithesis to the Tragedy of the Commons, by Mohamed Mahdi
  • Ahmed Bouanani: “For the Construction of a World That Is Not Traumatic,” by Peter Limbrick
  • Inhabiting and Sharing: From Anthropology to Levinas’s Humanism, by Yoann Morvan
  • An American in Paris – Strolling, by Mark Usher
  • Beauty Will Save the World, by Corinne Vezzoni – with a portfolio
  • Mare: Towards a House of Arab and Mediterranean Cultures in Marseille, by the MARE collective