Three of Iméra’s resident research fellows for 2022-23 were the guests of Scientifica’s second edition, a two-day event (June 16th and 17th) organized by the Arts, Cultures & Sciences axis of the Interdisciplinarity Mission of Aix-Marseille University.

scientifica 2

Scientifica #2

Following the “pilot” edition of this event dedicated to the intersection of arts and sciences, organized by the Interdisciplinarity Mission in 2022, the #2 edition of Scientifica took place on June 16th and 17th, showcasing projects, achievements, and productions proposed by a diversity of laboratories, departments, and structures of Aix Marseille University, including Iméra, the Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University.

For two days, Scientifica #2 opened the doors of the Schuman campus in Aix-en-Provence to present participatory and interactive arts/sciences productions and projects, targeting both students and the general public, as well as specific audiences.

Participation of the Iméra resident research fellows in Scientifica #2

The three arts/sciences projects organized or co-organized by researchers in residence at Iméra are as follows:

Océan by Oksana Chepelyk (2023)

This work brings together four audio-visual installations: On the Edge (sound by Iury Lech), Scape Sous-Marin, L’Ocean (sound by Alisa Kobzar and voice by Viktoriia Vitrenko), and Hommage à Matisse (sound by Sergio Mega). These installations explore the relationships and coexistence between aquatic environments in their struggle for survival and humans. The ensemble sensitizes as much as it denounces, highlighting some of the many factors responsible for the degradation of marine environments. Combining scientific data, philosophical reflections, and artistic works, Océan depicts the anthropogenic impact of humans on marine environments.

Regards sur la mer Méditerranée by Thierry Perez, Daniel Faget, Laura M. Person

Derived from the collaboration of an ecologist, a historian, and an anthropologist and photographer, this exhibition invites contemplation through photos of study objects from Marseille scientists. It allows us to see and consider the place that the Mediterranean occupies in our lives.

To be determined by Jeff Guess (2023)

This conference plays on the ambiguity of the English expression “To be determined,” referring both to the future and to a state of mind. On one hand, it qualifies a future event that will take place, but lacks precision regarding its unfolding, with details still unknown. On the other hand, it summons a state of mind, a hyper-focus on a well-identified goal – yet uncertain – surrounded by obstacles and hindrances, but nonetheless driven by an obsessive determination to achieve its ends.

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From Oksana Chepelyk’s participation at Scientifica #2