Application and Residency Conditions

The “Necessary Utopias” program targets academics from all disciplines, artists and social actors, thinkers and/or creators in the broadest sense of the term. Candidates must be driven by a passion for taking intellectual risks in their field of research and/or action. Their project must propose new ideas and new practical perspectives to face the challenges, local or global, that the contemporary world considers decisive, but impossible to win without really thinking and acting differently. The fields of invention and application of these necessary utopias are, among others: the ecological crisis, health, migrations, work, economic and social inequalities, housing, education, the crisis of political participation.

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Four residencies are attached to this program as follows:

Residency TitleDurationTypes of ApplicationsNumber of SpotsIméra Affiliated ProgramsKeywords
Carte blanche of the Necessary Utopias Programme5 monthsscientist1Necessary UtopiasUtopian approaches to the following themes: ecological crisis, health; migrations; work; economic and social inequalities; habitation; education; crisis of political participation.
Transregional studies — EHESS / Iméra Chair10 monthsscientist1Necessary UtopiasComparative research; comparison between cultural areas; scale games; exchanges; reformulation of social orders; alternative writings in social sciences.
Worlds of Labour — LEST / Iméra Chair10 monthsscientist1Necessary UtopiasHuman and social sciences of work; contemporary evolutions of the relationship between individuals and society in relation to work; link between work and subjectivities; innovations and experiments related to the meaning of work and its organization; digital and work; risk management in work organizations, professional integration of young people and older adults.

With particular attention to the following themes:
implementation and scope of long-term unemployment reduction policies; right to employment; work in France.
A world in crisis — AMSE / Iméra Chair  10 monthsscientist1Necessary UtopiasNetworks; international trade; development; inequalities; big data; historical perspectives on growth; changing world.