On June 3, 2023, Diemo Schwarz, artist-in-residence at Iméra (2021-22), presented his scientific article “Touch Interaction for Corpus-based Audio–Visual Synthesis” and performed a new piece titled “Absence” at the international conference “New Interfaces for Musical Expression” (NIME), Mexico City.

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NIME 2023

The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression gathers researchers and musicians from all over the world to share their knowledge and late-breaking work on new musical interface design. The conference started out as a workshop at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) in 2001. Since then, an annual series of international conferences have been held around the world, hosted by research groups dedicated to interface design, human-computer interaction, and computer music.

Article and concert of Diemo Schwarz

As part of NIME 2023, Diemo Schwarz, artist-in-residence at Iméra (2021-22), presented his scientific article “Interaction tactile pour la synthèse audio-visuelle basée sur un corpus” and performed a concert featuring a new piece titled “Absence,” stemming from his artistic research fellowship at Iméra (2021-22).

Audio–visual corpus-based synthesis extends the principle of concatenative sound synthesis to the visual domain, where, in addition to the sound corpus (i.e. a collection of segments of recorded sound with a perceptual description of their sound character), the artist uses a corpus of still images with visual perceptual description (colour, texture, brightness), in order to create an audio–visual musical performance by navigating in real-time through these descriptor spaces, i.e. through the collection of sound grains in a space of perceptual audio descriptors, and at the same time through the visual descriptor space, i.e. selecting images from the visual corpus for rendering, and thus navigate in parallel through both corpora interactively with gestural control via touch sensing. The artistic–scientific question that is explored here is how to control at the same time the navigation through the audio and the image descriptor spaces with gestures, in other words, how to link the touch input to both descriptor spaces in order to create a multi-modal embodied audio–visual experience.”

(Astract Touch Interaction for Corpus-based Audio–Visual Synthesis, Diemo Schwarz)

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For further information about Diemo Schwarz’s artistic research project at Iméra, we invite you to view his fellow page.

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