Since November 2020, Grain de Sail has been operating the first modern sailing cargo ship standardized for international merchant marine: a self-named schooner-type vessel with a length of 24m and a carrying capacity of 50 tons. The rapidly growing company has, this time, designed a ship twice as long in partnership with the L20naval architectural firm. The launch of this new sailing cargo ship (Grain de Sail II) will take place in Saint-Malo on January 11, 2024. In this context, Christiaan de De Beukelaer, resident researcher at FIAS/Iméra (2023-24) and author of “Trade Winds” will participate in the launch of GDS II as well as in a roundtable discussion.

grain de sail deux

Christiaan de De Beukelaer’s research project aims to understand how sail-powered cargo ships can operate sustainably and to depict navigation in oceanic commons: regulation and prefiguration.

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