Presentation of the South Region/Iméra – Germaine Tillion Chair: The Mediterranean, Tomorrow

It was chosen to give the name of Germaine Tillion to this chair insofar as Germaine Tillion embodies both a figure of resistance and a major figure of knowledge, through her work as an anthropologist of the Mediterranean and in particular of his famous book The Harem and the Cousins. Germaine Tillion never ceased to be “in search of the true and the just. She led many fights, throughout her life, against the concentration camps, and in particular that of Ravensbrück where she was interned, but also against the Algerian war and the torture which raged during this period. conflict. Germaine Tillion or the quest for “thought inevitably turned towards action”.

Through this chair, it is a question of giving oneself the means of a possible intelligence of the future, of scrutinizing the possible forms of the Mediterranean tomorrow, at the time of the Anthropocene, climatic upheavals and transformation of our planet, which invite us to think of this world as a bio-region in the making, both in its human realities and in the transformation of lifestyles. The general theme of the Germaine Tillion Chair opens up in particular to different research themes such as:

  • The great human challenges raised by the Anthropocene, at the scale of the Mediterranean;
  • The transformation of lifestyles in the face of climate change;
  • Urban changes and territorial policies to anticipate;
  • The political, identity and religious dynamics taking shape in the Mediterranean;
  • Emerging social, democratic and freedom movements;
  • The horizons of expectations of the younger generations.

About the Chair’s partner

The South Region (Région Sud) is a local authority. Its role is to provide a public service by ensuring the general interest of the inhabitants, their well-being and equal opportunities in the regional territory.