Meeting #4 Februrary 13, 2018

With the participation of Raouf Boucekkine, economist, director of Imera, coordinator of a research program on energies in the Mediterranean; Alain Gachet, physicist and mining engineer, founder of Watex (Water Exploitation) and author of The man who makes water spring from the desert, JC Lattès, 2015.

While fossil fuels are now being called into question, in particular due to global warming, how can we envisage the future of oil and gas?
How can the energy market evolve, for supplies from the North as well as for resources from the South? What energy transitions can you imagine?
Water is undoubtedly the first energy, it appears as a vital resource, considered as a rare resource, in the Mediterranean as in Africa.
Can new types of prospecting, in particular through satellite mapping, make it possible to get out of the shortage? Can water become a source of peace?

Video is in French.

The Rendez-Vous of Tomorrow – What energies and what sustainable development?