Meeting #6 April 24,2018

Meeting with: Jean-Pierre Filiu, university professor in contemporary Middle Eastern history at Sciences Po (Paris), recently published Generals, Gangsters and Jihadists. History of the Arab counter-revolution. Discovery, 2018; Rostane Mehdi, professor of public law and director of Sciences Po (Aix)

The Mediterranean world is in turmoil, even in chaos, seven years after the Arab revolutions. What exactly happened? Can we write a history of the counter-revolution? Is there an after of terrorism and jihadism?
What is at stake today, for tomorrow, between Europe and the Mediterranean? Can new devices that promote peace, freedoms and democratic hope emerge? Under what conditions? Is the Mediterranean Sea condemned to remain the most dangerous border in the world and to turn into a new marine cemetery?
What place for law and institutions in the major political and international challenges to come? Can new regulations be created? On what basis?

Video is in French.

The Rendez-Vous of Tomorrow: What styles of life, tomorrow in the Mediterranean?