Conference #2 April 7, 2022

Thomas Bouchet is a historian of political thought – University of Lausanne and Caroline Caccavale founder of Lieux fictifs – Marseille.

The Atelier de Recherche Travail et Libertés (ArTLib) is offering three conferences bringing together researchers who have explored the history of utopias and work with women and men who fought and struggle together in Marseille to free their work, invent alternatives and experiment with concrete local utopias.

Created in 2019 at the Institut d’études avancées d’Aix-Marseille Université (Iméra), the Atelier de recherche Travail et Libertés (ArTLib) is an interdisciplinary and international collective that aims to discuss and disseminate ideas and practices related to the profound transformations of work and their effects in the sphere of personal and collective freedoms and utopias. Coordinated by Enrico Donaggio (professor of Aix-Marseille University and scientific director of Iméra), ArTLib collaborates with the LEST, the CGGG, the CEREQ, the Norbert Elias Centre, the IPDT of Paris, the CRTD-CNAM, Acante, the LaSSA, APSE, Inter-Made, as well as with experts and independent artists related to the world of work.

“Utopia, work and freedom in Marseille” #2 with Thomas Bouchet & Caroline Caccavale