Meeting #1 November 30, 2018

The Factory of Terrorism, from Yesterday to Tomorrow. unedited violence?

With the participation of Heinz-Gerhardt Haupt, historian, resident of Iméra, specialist in the comparative history of terrorism in the 19th century (Germany, Spain, France, Italy) and Roland Gori, psychoanalyst, professor emeritus of psychology and psychopathology at Aix-Marseille University. Last work published “A world without spirit. The factory of terrorism”. The Links that Liberate, 2017.

Can we understand terrorism?
Is this a new form of political violence in history?
What do terrorism tell us or reveal to us about the fragility of our societies and of ourselves?

Video is in French.

The Rendez-Vous of Tomorrow – The factory of terror, from yesterday to tomorrow. An unprecedented violence?