Conference #2 – February 25, 2021

Stories and languages ​​of the Quran: around the Quran of historians

With Mohammad Ali Amir-Moezzi, university professor, director of studies at the Practical School for Advanced Studies (EPHE). Specialist in the Koran and Shiism. Among his books, The Silent Quran and The Speaking Quran. Scriptural sources of Islam between history and fervour, CNRS, Paris, 2011; and Guillaume Dye, professor of Islamology at the Free University of Brussels, specialist in Koranic studies and the history of the beginnings of Islam. He is co-director of the Quran of Historians, Cerf, 2019.

Quranic studies have experienced significant growth in recent decades, thanks to the renewal of analytical methods and the discovery of several Koranic codices from the first Islamic century. The publication of the sum The Quran of historians testifies to this. This conference will return at length to the different languages ​​of the Quran, the process of its codification and the role of politics in the canonization of the Quranic text.

Video is in french

Seminar #2 of the cycle “POLITICAL LANGUAGES IN ISLAM”