Meeting #2 November 13, 2018

With the participation of Yadh Ben Achour, jurist and legal philosopher, 1st holder of the Averroès Chair at Iméra. He is notably the author of “The 2nd Fatiha” PUF, 2011 and of “Tunisia, a revolution in the land of Islam”, Ceres Edition, 2016 and with Leïla Tauil, philosopher, lecturer in the Arabic department of the University of Geneva, specialist in critical thought in contemporary Islam, resident of Iméra, within the framework of the Averroès Chair.

Is an Islam of freedom possible, thinkable?
What possible rereadings of the texts to promote the expression of critical thought in contemporary Islam?
Can we get out of obscurantisms and orthodoxies?

Video is in French.

Tomorrow’s Rendez-Vous – Islam and freedom. Another perspective?