Conference April 8, 2021

Emmanuel Dockes is a professor of law at the Université Paris Nanterre, author of Voyage en misarchie. Trying to Rebuild Everything (2017), Labour Law (2017).

Misarchy is a big, imperfect, pragmatic bricolage, which draws a kind of ecological hyper-democracy, in which we got rid of the state, capitalism and productivism, while trying to preserve the useful functions that these monsters provide. It is a question of thinking about the disappearance of the State, without abolishing taxes, public services, or even the police, or of suppressing capitalism without suppressing the freedom of enterprise, money, or even property, or to suppress productivism while retaining the market and even a small, not unpleasant consumerism. What is the place and destiny of work in this utopia?

Video is in french

Emmanuel Dockes: Misarchy work. A pragmatic utopia