Conference #2 – November 29, 2018

On the concept of mass orthodoxy.

The concept of mass orthodoxy derives from a few key ideas. First, the civil character of the Islamic religion, proven by all the theory (theology, legal schools, political doctrines) and historical constitutional practices of Islam. The Islamic State poses as a State of believers, monads in direct relationship with God.
It is in this situation of sublime, although appalling isolation, that every individual must, without intermediary, face the sidereal universe which separates him from God. The religion “Islam” is the origin of a mental structure that stages the multiple, facing the Unique, whether this unique is the divine himself or his only representative on earth, the prince of believers. The absence of a constitutionally autonomous religious authority, the unity of political power and managers of sacred knowledge and worship explain the particular politicization of the Islamic religion throughout history. The elite of religious knowledge expounds and the masses consecrate. This causes both the constitution of majority orthodoxy and derived religions.

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Conferences cycle: Islam and the Challenge of Modern Times #2