The resident of the Iméra accepts the resident’s charter which implies several commitments on his part.

1- Obligation of residence and presence
Each visiting researcher has a residency obligation to carry out his or her work for the duration of his or her stay. This residency obligation is compatible with occasional absences. In case of absences of less than one week and the totality represents less than 10% of the total duration of the stay, it is enough for the resident to inform the management. A longer absence will be approved by the management of Iméra. All absences must be reported in advance.

In this context, he freely organizes his activities and working hours.

2- Contribution to Iméra activities
The resident is committed to contributing to the collective interdisciplinary meetings and reflections that take place at Iméra during his stay.

He participates actively in the weekly resident seminar (CBS), as well as in the scientific activities of the chosen program.

3- Residents Breakfast
To encourage exchanges between residents, joint lunches are organized by the management of Iméra, usually on Thursdays. The resident agrees to participate in it for the duration of his stay. Absences from lunches must be exceptional and reported to management at least one week in advance.

4- Retrieval of research
The resident agrees to report the content of his research to the Iméra scientific community;
He may organize a research seminar with the support of the Iméra, providing a report;
He submits an activity report at the end of his stay;
He may give short interviews to account for his work.

5- Dissemination
The resident authorizes the Iméra to publish his portrait, his CV, the video interviews he has granted and, if necessary, a collection of the work done.

Even if all the results obtained or created during his stay at Iméra are the full property of the resident, the author undertakes to mention the support he received from Iméra in the hypothesis of their dissemination.

The resident shall provide the Iméra with copies of publications or images of productions from his residence for the archives of the institution.