sobhi bouderbala chercheur


Sobhi Bouderbala

Disciplines: History
Title and home institution: Assistant Professor of History, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, Tunis
Category of Fellowship: Holder of the Averroès Chair (Imera/A*Midex-AMU)
Residency length: September 2020 – July 2021

Research project 

Political discourse in Islam of origins

Summary of the research project

My research method, developed in my thesis on military administration in Egypt from the beginnings of Islam, consists in a close analysis of multilingual documents produced by Islamic chancelleries (local and central). The main contribution of my research is the (re)constitution of documentary corpus often difficult to access, requiring meticulous editing and analysis. my long association with Arab sources (legal, historical, geographical, etc.) has enabled me to develop a research method based on cross-readings and criticism of this documentation produced by imperial Islam, to better contextualize it and to propose innovative readings on the formation of an imperial Islam/ The multidisciplinary approach that characterizes my work makes it possible to better read the theories developed late in Islam in the light of a long-standing documentation the prerogative of philologists.


Lecturer-researcher at the University of Tunis, Doctor in History of the Sorbonne and former researcher at the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology (Cairo), I work on the formation of Islam by studying a documentation produced by the imperial power and its various chancelleries. I am particularly interested in the political and administrative organization of the Islamic empire, and in the analysis of social relations in the light of the discourses conveyed by these documents. My insertion in the French and international academic field allowed me to set up scientific cooperation projects in Cairo, Paris, Marseille and Tunis on the theme of Mediterranean Islam (7th-11th century), and to participate in student mobility through ERASMUS+ programmes between Paris and Tunis. My integration into the academic landscape of Aix-Marseille is notable for my membership of the European HornEast programme, led by Julien Loiseau, and for my active participation in the debates organized by the Collège de Méditerranée, of which I am a founding member.

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