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Rosine Bénard O’Kelly

Title and home institution: Lecturer in Film and Audiovisual Studies, Aix-Marseille University
Category of Fellowship: Aix-Marseille University Professors Fellowship
Research program: Arts & Sciences: Indisciplined Knowledge, Mediterranean
Residency length: January-July 2024
Currently a resident fellow at Iméra

Research project

ECRAN – Eco-Critique and Artistic Representations of Nature

Summary of the research project

The research project led by Rosine Bénard O’Kelly at Iméra, Institute for Advanced Study of Aix Marseille University, aims to explore the connections between cinematic art, technology, and the perception of nature.

Eco-Criticism and Cinematic Geo-Poetics: Redefining Our Relationship with Nature

Drawing upon the concepts of eco-criticism and cinematic geo-poetics, the objective is to propose new alternative narratives, transcending stereotypical landscape constructions, to perceive our environment differently. By employing technological devices for capturing and diffusion, the ECRAN project seeks to offer unprecedented sensory experiences that would bring us closer to animal sensitivities.

Beyond Anthropocentrism: Towards a Global Environmental Consciousness

This interdisciplinary project merges science, technology, and art to create innovative prototypes for visual and auditory capture. In collaboration with researchers specialized in animal vision and behavior, the project aims to present cinematic works reflecting certain animal perceptions of Mediterranean ecosystems. Through a strong aesthetic and theoretical approach, the ECRAN project aspires to raise awareness among the public about contemporary environmental issues and to open new artistic and scientific perspectives in redefining our relationship with nature.


Rosine Bénard O’Kelly is an Associate Professor in Film and Audiovisual Studies at Aix-Marseille University and the Deputy Director of the SATIS department (Sciences, Arts, and Techniques of Image and Sound). Her teachings mainly focus on film and audiovisual editing and post-production. Her research, which emphasizes aesthetic and philosophical approaches, revolves around the narrative, aesthetic, and ideological functions of nature in visual arts (such as cinema, installations, video games, painting, photography, etc.) and the contemporary developments in spectator engagement fostered by artistic works and devices. Her theoretical research influences her diverse artistic practice, which includes videos, photographs, and sound creations.

Appels à candidature

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