Jérémie Brugidou

Disciplines: BiologyCinema
Title and home institution: Filmmaker and Doctor of Arts
Category of Fellowship: Research residency
Research program: Arts & Sciences: Indisciplined Knowledge
Residency length: February – June 2022

Research project

Figural ethologies of bioluminescence

Summary of the research project

In collaboration with C. Tamburini, CNRS research director and S. Martini, CNRS research officer of MIO (Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography) In Marseilles, I intend to design a methodology that is both plastic and scientific, allowing me to produce an important iconography around bioluminescence. The first step will be to conduct a survey of bioluminescent organisms while developing a photographic work from their lights. This image production will be linked to other visual captures made by the MIO team during missions at sea scheduled for 2021-2022, in order to compose an iconological Atlas of bioluminescence. I also propose to design a bioluminescent underwater installation for the spring-summer period: with globes filled with luminous bacteria, I imagine to create an area of unique ethological interaction around the bioluminescence in shallow depth (about 20m). This experiment is both scientific (observation of animal behaviors around a bacterial glow over several days) and plastic (we will set up the photographic and video traps around the installation, and we will film ourselves regularly, at night, a phenomenon rarely filmed).


Jérémie is a research artist: filmmaker and doctor of arts. He is the author of two feature-length documentaries, as well as many visual essays. He supports at Paris 8 University in 2020 his thesis entitled Vers une écologie de l’apparition. The mystery of the genesis of forms from a bioluminescent Annunciation by James Cameron», co-directed by Christa Blümlinger and Dominique Lestel (ENS Paris). He received a post-doctoral grant (2020-21) as part of a project entitled «Aesthetics in the Present: Powers of the Moving Image», and funded by the Balzan Foundation. The title of his research project is «Biomedialuminescence: towards an ecology of appearance». He bases his work on research and creation, building fruitful relationships between the arts and sciences. In this context he is the author of several scientific articles in the humanities, in French and English, chapters of books, and co-directed a special issue of the journal Social Science Information (SSI) on the theme of the ocean.

Appels à candidature

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