Bruno Christophe

Disciplines: ArtComputer scienceTheoretical physics
Title and home institution: Independent Artist
Category of Fellowship: Research residency
Research program: Arts & Sciences: Indisciplined Knowledge
Residency length: September 2022 – July 2023
Interview (Fr) with Christophe Bruno, researcher in residence at lméra (2022-23)

Research project

Dreamlogs, twenty years later

Summary of the research project

Christophe Bruno’s research project at the Institute for Advanced Study of Aix-Marseille University (Iméra), revolves around the reactivation of an internet work he had produced in 2004: Dreamlogs. In its original form, Dreamlogs is an “idea association engine” that offers another way to navigate the internet and whose ambition was to “untangle the thread of discourse that has become tangled over time”. Almost twenty years later, the aim is to explore new relationships between, on the one hand, reticular semiotic flows, the phenomenology of perception in the age of information and networks, and, on the other hand, various fields of the exact sciences and human sciences. The Dreamlogs, in their new version, will make it possible to visualize the space-time of discourse as it emerges from these cognitive phenomena, to apprehend its topology, to map these new territories, and to put this device to the test. the “post-truth” era we have entered.


Visual artist from the movement, he lives and works in Paris and Agde. His artistic practice crosses many mediums (Internet, installation, performance, drawing, sculpture, painting, video). His work offers a critical reflection on the phenomena of network and globalization in the fields of language and image. He is a laureate, with the art historian Chrystelle Desbordes, of the “Residence Hors les Murs Villa Médicis 2016” program of the Institut Français, for the Semiography #2 project, category “Digital Arts” (California). Curator of exhibitions for the Jeu de Paume virtual space in 2011 and 2012, he taught at the Avignon School of Art from 2013 to 2017, where he contributed to the development of the P.A.M.A.L. (Preservation and Art Media Archeology Lab). Since 2013, he has participated as a guest artist in the Improbable workshops, Art Thinking workshops at the Jean-Baptiste Say Institute (Centre Pompidou, Grand Palais, etc.). He has also given numerous conferences (the latest at the Collège de France or Stanford University) and published art research articles.

Appels à candidature

Les résidences de recherche que propose l’Iméra, Institut d’études avancées (IEA) d’Aix-Marseille Université, s’adressent aux chercheurs confirmés – académiques, scientifiques et/ou artistes. Ces résidences de recherche sont distribuées sur quatre programmes (« Arts & sciences : savoirs indisciplinés », « Explorations interdisciplinaires », « Méditerranée » et « Utopies nécessaires »).