SHARING THE UNIVERSAL? La Fabrique de Méditerranée NO. 3

“Europe can no longer consider itself the center of the world. The universal is not, and is no longer a European norm, which asserts itself in the name of ‘the’ civilization. Hasn’t the time come to share the universal? What does this mean on the scale of the Mediterranean? Through the sharing of languages, the sharing of memories, and the sharing of human rights, not forgetting the singular gaze of photographers, as well as the sharing of music and flavors, here we seek to explore the contours of a Mediterranean way of life.”


Interview with philosopher Barbara Cassin of the French Academy

In search of a new politics of the mind, Thierry Fabre

The province of the universal, Dionigi Albera

Sharing languages: translating Arabic literature, dialogue between Iman Mersal and Richard Jacquemond

Sharing memories: the ghosts of the Armenian genocide, Cengiz Aktar and Gérard Malkassian

France/Algeria, knots of memories and what comes next, Mohamed Kacimi

Sainte Marguerite, path of recognition, Anissa Bouayed

Sharing human rights: the paths of the universal – Human rights in debate, Mohamed Tozy

Photographs, Emma Grosbois and Juan Valbuena

The soundtrack of the Hirak in Algeria and the Arab revolutions, Coline Houssais