Measure and Excess

The Greeks once taught us that man is the measure of all things. It seems that our civilization has lost all sense of measure and has gone off the rails. As the daughter of excess, it leads us where we do not want to go: climate disruptions, inexorable rise in sea levels, massive extinction of species… All these phenomena are now amplified by the race towards globalization.

The coronavirus pandemic suddenly stopped everything.

What if this were an opportunity for us to question ourselves and deeply change our way of life? This book with multiple voices invites us to set limits, to find, in our Mediterranean region as a whole, the resources to inhabit the world differently. It is up to us to regain a sense of measure, in the face of the excess of the world to come…

13 texts and 31 photographs

By: Mohammed Noureddine Affaya, Dionigi Albera, Abdennour Bidar, Alberte Bondeau, Dominique Bourg, Wolfgang Cramer, Thierry Fabre, Pierre Giannetti, Nouzha Guessous, Joël Guiot, Dominique Maraninchi, Sylvie Paz, Mohamed Tozy (texts) Marie Bovo, Yohanne Lamoulère (photographs)

Publication: October 20, 2020, Arnaud Bizalion Editeur, co-published with Iméra and Aix-Marseille Université.

La Fabrique de Méditerranée

Measure and Excess follows the first book, La Méditerranée n’est pas une étoile morte, published on April 24, 2019.