The Mediterranean is not a dead star : La Fabrique de Méditerranée

What is a Mediterranean style of life? It’s sharing a “Mediterranean diet” – ways of cooking, living, or communicating – trying to come to terms with the ghosts of memory, especially colonial ones, questioning common or uncommon values and forms of belief that cross borders, appreciating Italian felicità – and its shadows today – living to the rhythm of cities, so unique in the Mediterranean world. And then, in the face of the Black Mediterranean, encouraging creation – artistic, literary, musical, or photographic – which invites us never to despair of this world. Rediscovering a noonday thought, a thought of limits, of measure in the face of excess, so dear to Albert Camus, whose era, aware of the devastation of our planet, needs so much. The Mediterranean is not a dead star; it inspires a lifestyle in our 21st century.

Through multiple facets, the 18 authors of The Fabric help us discover, share and understand these ways of life that are found throughout the Mediterranean.

13 texts and 54 photographs by Dionigi Albera, Pascal Amel, Kader Attia, Fethi Benslama, Enrico Donaggio, Thierry Fabre, Pierre Giannetti, Sadika Keskes, Driss Ksikes, Carla Makhlouf Obermeyer, Thierry Paquot, Henri de Pazzis, Titi Robin, Sana Tamzini, Mohamed Tozy, Hyam Yared (texts), Bernard Plossu and Franck Pourcel (photographs).

The book was published on April 24th, 2019 by Arnaud Byzalion Editeur.