Mariagrazia CAIRO, Enrico DONAGGIO, and José ROSE publish at Editions Erès

Work and Freedom?

With the participation of Blaise BARBANCE, Isabelle BERREBI-HOFFMANN, Elisabeth BRUN, Anne-Marie DAUNE-RICHARD, Christophe DEJOURS, Michel LALLEMENT, Danièle LINHART, Christophe MASSOT, Massimiliano NICOLI, Luca PALTRINIERI, Muriel PREVOT-CARPENTIER, Emmanuel RENAULT, Frédéric SECHAUD

The book proposes a debate on work and its future, moving beyond clichés and false prophecies: the end of work, work as suffering, resignation, and TINA (there is no alternative). It aims to revive hopes of liberation.

Work remains central to the lives of individuals and societies. It is a human experience where multiple contradictory and conflictual dynamics are confronted and produced: autonomy and domination, subjectivity and subjection, appropriation and alienation, self-realization and loss of self.

Beyond the promise of individual and collective freedom, co-opted by neoliberal ideology, and the critique of work seen as a pathogenic experience, this book explores the dominant articulations between work and freedom. By crossing theoretical and historical grounding with the analysis of specific situations, it examines how current forms of work enable or, on the contrary, prevent autonomy and the power to act, and produce emancipation or voluntary servitude. Are there possible alternatives or even concrete utopias that challenge relations of domination and dependence?

At the initiative of the international and interdisciplinary collective ArTLib, renowned specialists are invited to participate in this debate on work and its future with the aim of reviving the hopes of liberation that this activity can still fuel in the 21st century.

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