Presentation of the EHESS/Iméra Chair in Transregional Studies

This chair aims to develop at the highest international level comparative research between different regions of the world; the proposed programs must in particular take into account the games of scales, the questions of exchanges, circulation and connection in the reformulation of social orders, relying on innovative interdisciplinary approaches. In particular, it welcomes projects relating to the comparison between cultural areas. Particular attention is paid to the inclusion of contemporary world issues in a long historical period.

About the Chair’s Partner

The EHESS – Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales is a large establishment whose missions are research and teaching of research in the social sciences. It carries out its activities at its headquarters and in its regional centers in Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse. Iméra works closely with the EHESS Marseille campus: created in 1977, the EHESS Marseille campus, supported by the City of Marseille and in synergy with Aix-Marseille University, has developed a set of teaching activities for masters and doctorates and interdisciplinary research in the humanities and social sciences (history, anthropology, sociology, economics, etc.). The EHESS Marseille campus, half of whose students are foreigners, is also a center for scientific cooperation on an international scale.