Since 2007, Iméra, the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) of Aix-Marseille University is located in two buildings, one of which La Maison de Astronomes , is the former premises of the astronomical observatory of Marseille. This historic building, located on Boulevard Camille Flammarion, was originally built in the late 18th century to house the astronomical observatory of Marseille. The observatory was one of the most important scientific institutions in France during the 19th century, and it played a key role in the development of modern astrophysics. Today, the building has been completely renovated and modernized to serve as the home of Iméra, which is a leading center for interdisciplinary research in the Mediterranean region. With its beautiful architecture and rich scientific history, the former observatory’ premises are the perfect location for Iméra.

The archive photos below were provided by the astronomical observatory of Marseille.

gravure longchamp 1870
Painting of the observatory, 1870

Télescope de Foucault
Foucault’s telescope

The dome of the telescope, 1872

interieur de la coupole marseille
Interior of the dome

The Meridian building, currently known at Iméra as the cube

Façade de la Maison des Astronomes, des années 80.
Facade of the House of Astronomers from the 80s

Musée astronomique anciennement situé dans la Maison des Astronomes.
Astronomical museum formerly located in the House of Astronomers

Photo aérienne de l'observatoire de Marseille et du parc Longchamp
Aerial photo of the Marseille Observatory and Longchamp Park